PREPARE FOR MASSIVE DESTRUCTION || The LORD said, “A Greater storm is coming.”

The Books of Daniel and Revelation combines all the prophesies in the Holy Bible concerning the Day of the Lord.

SILENCE || The heavy silence of many Churches is deafening – Satan has deceived the whole world!!! [Revelation 12:9] “NKJV”

Isaiah 13:9 | Behold, the day of the LORD comes, Cruel, with both wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and He will destroy its sinners from it.

This  *IMPORTANT PROPHETIC WARNING* message deserves to be repeated as many times as necessary.

The GREAT and POWERFUL Day of the Lord will be a Cruel, Wrathful, and Fierce day of the LORD’s anger. HE WILL DESTROY ITS SINNERS FROM THE LAND!!!

The Day of the Lord WILL NOT be just another day of the week. This day will be a end time event!!!

Zephaniah 2:3 | SEEK the LORD, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld His justice. SEEK righteousness, SEEK humility.

It may be that you will be **HIDDEN in the day of the LORD’S anger.

**[Psalm 91]”NKJV”

Resisting God’s Will || Resisting will only prolong difficulties in our life.

Zephaniah 1:14 | The noise of the Day of the LORD is bitter…

Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s WRATH… Zephaniah 1:18a

The whole land shall be DEVOURED by the FIRE of His jealousy… Zephaniah 1:18b

The JUDGMENT and PUNISHMENT of all sinners will be the WRATH of Almighty God.

How can I prepare myself for the great and terrible day of the Lord???

I must diligently pray for the removal of “spiritual blindness” from over my eyes NOW. Or, remain a slave and held captive by Lucifer, also called Satan and devil, who DESTROYS human souls.

This will be one of many reasons for praying, and asking Jesus Christ of Nazareth to reveal any hidden sins, in my life, that I may not be aware of. [Psalm 19:12; John 14:14; 16:23] “NKJV”  Because, God’s Word says that the Devil and Satan deceives the WHOLE world [Revelation 12:9].”NKJV”

And this revelation of the Holy Word would certainly include me as well. Because, even though I live in this world, I am not “of the world”.  But, I am never exempt from satanic attacks by Satan and his evil demons.

The Word of God does not say that Satan will deceive HALF of the world, a small or large PORTION of the world, neither does the Word of God say, “ONLY A SELECT FEW IS DECEIVED.”


My identity is in Jesus Christ. And every person who identifies with, serves, worships or praises the One and only TRUE God, the reality of this truth will cause the EXTREME hatred, of Lucifer, Satan and devil, towards ALL people in the world. [Revelation 12:17].”NKJV”

And, Lucifer’s HATRED OF ALL HUMANS isn’t just LIMITED to those people living in the world. The DISGUSTING HATRED of Lucifer EXTENDS TO THE PIT and within the BOUNDARIES OF HELL!!!

Because, Lucifer HATES THE TRUTH!!! Lucifer is the “father of lies”! [John 8:44] “NKJV”

If you are perhaps someone who doesn’t BELIEVE in a  ONE POWERFUL LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD, or that a evil, twisted demonic devil EXISTS, or don’t believe in the existence of demonic FALLEN ANGELS [Revelation 12:4, 7-12, 17] “NKJV”, and you are reading this Blog out of curiosity, or whatever the reasons may be, then you must KNOW the true reality about your life (whether you believe it or not), LUCIFER HAS PUTRID HATRED FOR YOU AND ALL HUMAN BEINGS BORN IN THE WORLD. Nobody is excluded from Lucifer’s HATRED. Not even those people who worship, serve and praise Lucifer, Satan and devil.

And any people that don’t BELIEVE in the Holy Word of God, or that Jesus Christ of Nazareth DIED (CRUCIFIED) ON A CROSS FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD… those people are ENSLAVED, HELD CAPTIVE, and are BOUND IN SPIRITUAL CHAINS OF DARKNESS!!!


Lucifer has the AUTHORITY TO ATTACK ALL PEOPLE through their SINS. And, anyone who believes otherwise, is already INFLUENCED by, and also UNDER THE DIRECT AUTHORITY OF LUCIFER!!!

Sin is the major AVENUE, DOORWAY, or PORTAL, which Lucifer and his FALLEN ANGELS can come through, and DESTROY any individual/human souls.

LIFE is still all about the CHOICES we make, and how we live our lives according to those decisions. I have choosen to live my life for Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

This Blog is my own personal testimony about what the LORD has revealed to me, showed me the unseen evil activities behind CLOSED DOORS, or spoke to me about the unseen “spiritual things” of Almighty God in the heavenly realm, through my human “spirit” [the human soul of mankind]

The human soul is an unseen “spiritual being” that consists of a human MIND, WILL, and EMOTIONS. Lucifer, Satan and devil, attacks the human mind. Afterwards, the human mind is “spiritually inspired” by Lucifer, and then guided towards an alternative mindset, away from the Will and purpose of Almighty God.

Now, Lucifer is able to CONTROL THE HUMAN WILL and the EMOTIONS of human beings through their SINS.

The SPIRITUAL BATTLEGROUND between (the heavenly, or spiritual things) GOOD and EVIL (the earthly activities, or material things), in this world, is being fought to have complete control of the Human Mind, in a fallen world!!!

When Lucifer, Satan and devil, attacks and controls the human mind, the “will and emotions” of humans are now directly following the thoughts of the MIND.

A prime EXAMPLE of this activity (of spiritually kidnapping the human mind) can be found in the Book of Genesis! [Genesis 3:1-7] “NKJV”

Adam and Eve was our FIRST EXAMPLE, and PRIMARY CLUE as to how Lucifer, symbolized by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, operates in a fallen world that is governed by a serpent devil! [Genesis 2:17; 3:1, 4] “NKJV”

Lucifer’s FIRST GOAL is to CUNNINGLY get the human mindset OFF of God’s Word and commands… [Genesis 3:1]”NKJV”

Lucifer, Satan and devil, is an UNSEEN spiritual being, who can and sometimes WILL APPEAR AS THE FALSE LIGHT OF TRUE KNOWLEDGE.

And, the fallen angels (demons) are unseen evil spirits too. That which is unseen in the physical (realm) of a material world, can also be seen, when it is revealed by Almighty God, in the spiritual realm [Luke 16:19-31; Matthew 12:43-45; 2 Kings 6:14-17] “NKJV”

Lucifer also REVEALS unseen spiritual things to those who pray to him, and follow his evil ways. This is also how we can understand the things that we DO SEE happening in the physical world. Because evil activities CONFIRM exactly how many people exists in the world who are diligently and ACTIVELY PRAISING and WORSHIPPING LUCIFER!!!

YES! Lucifer, Satan and devil ALSO has prayer warriors that pray for his intervention in the lives of people throughout the world. And these prayers  are often offered through RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES.

RELIGION IS THE DOCTRINE OF MEN – ESTABLISHED BY MEN – A TRADITION OF MEN!!! [Jeremiah 10:1-4; Colossians 2:8; 1 Peter 1:18; Galatians 1:14.

Now, who can correctly identify how many people are actually praying in the world, based on human activity alone, and also by what can actually be seen throughout the world???


Almighty God never allows evil to be a factor in the lives of people. Whoever says that God allows evil: THAT IS ANOTHER BIG LIE INSPIRED FROM THE FATHER OF LIES!!!

FACT: The Truth is that Almighty God allows people FREE WILL. That is to say that every human being has freedom of choice about who they choose to serve, or worship.

A person will either choose to serve, or worship Almighty God, or they will choose Lucifer, Satan and devil to be their god. Lucifer IS the “god of this world”. And the many PROBLEMS THAT EXIST IN THE WORLD are directly in relationship to Lucifer’s authority in the world through the sins of people.

If any human being FEEL (Emotions] that Almighty God is UNJUST [Thoughts] and ALLOWS [Will] evil – I will challenge you to answer these two (2) questions TRUTHFULLY!!!

Question 1: Am I OBEYING the “will” of Almighty God?

Question 2: Am I LIVING my life according to the “purpose” Almighty God has already established for my life?

If, the answer is NO to either question. You are living under the ‘Will’ and the purpose of another ‘god’ other than the One who knew you “before you was formed in your mother’s womb” (Jeremiah 1:5).”NKJV”

If, you answered YES to one, or both questions: Welcome to the reality of ongoing battles in life. PRAYER is the Key to OVERCOMING all of life’s battles. SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION!!!

Suicidal thoughts are always the INSPIRATIONAL THINKING of Lucifer, Satan and devil. Because, when Lucifer and his fallen angels control the human mind, a “spiritual” kidnapping of the human “soul” has taken complete control over every thought, or the actions of that person.



|| JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth overcame our battles against the troubles of the world. [Luke 22:1-6, 47-53; 23:1-12, 44-49] “NKJV”

ALL BATTLES COMING AGAINST the people in the world have been effectively eliminated by JESUS CHRIST DEATH (CRUCIFIXION) ON A CROSS!!! [Luke 24:1-12].”NKJV”

Therefore, we must now ALL WALK BY FAITH! [Hebrews 12:1-29; 13:1-6].”NKJV”

And, NOT  BE WALKING BY what we SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TOUCH, or TASTE!!! [Genesis 3:4-6].”NKJV”


We are only moved by the HOLY SPIRIT of Almighty God! We are only moved by the WORD of Almighty God! We are only moved by the VOICE of Almighty God!

And we REFUSE to follow strangers!!! According to John 10:27.”NKJV”

And our SEED is mighty upon the earth according to Psalm 112:2.”NKJV”

SIN = The disobedience (transgression) of the Laws of Almighty God.

Therefore, we must NEVER allow ourselves to be DECEIVED about the Book of Revelation and the End of Days. Because, we are experiencing the End Days NOW!!! If anyone is still unsure about the end days and its end time events???

Ask anyone who has recently become homeless due to a fire, or the recent flooding of their home. Ask anyone who is going through a severe and difficult trial in everyday living. And, if that still doesn’t convince you to WAKE-UP to the reality of today’s fast changing world, ASK Jesus Christ! John 14:13, 14; 16:23.”NKJV”

If you should choose to ask Jesus, prepare yourself for the answer. Or, an earth-shaking REVELATION!!!

Assyria (modern day Germany) will usher in the FINAL last war, during end-time events still yet to happen, in the world. This is a Holy Bible Prophecy inspired through the Holy Spirit of God, to mankind. No prophecy at anytime comes from FALLIBLE humans. If people started making up their own prophesies, they would need to CREATE their own events to make it happen, according to their own individual thoughts.

The Word of God was ESTABLISHED before the creation of man!!!

No one can change that reality. A person can only create fabulous movies, books, etc., and perhaps fantasize about how they would prefer prophetic events to occur.

Such events created by men, would then need to be controlled by men (or ROBOTS) instead of being controlled by God Almighty. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE FOOLISHNESS OF MEN!!! (Proverbs 12:23; 19:3; 24:9; Isaiah 32:6; James 4:1-6)”NKJV”

If you have never read the Word of God Almighty for yourself, NOW is the time to do so. Because, TIME HAS SIGNIFICANTLY BEEN SHORTENED!!!

We can know this for sure, from all of the SIGNS that are being seen around us worldwide. And our human “souls” depends on us knowing the TRUTH!!!

If you have any trouble UNDERSTANDING God’s Holy Word, ASK NOW!!! John 14:14; 16:23.”NKJV”

GOG & MAGOG (modern day Russia and China) will be the army that is prophesied in the Book of Revelation 9:16. “NKJV” [This will be one (1) army of several others].

Whatever anyone has done (all evil activities included) to other human beings – the day of the LORD will be their judgment day.

Lamentations 5:7 | Our fathers sinned and are no more, but we bear their iniquities.

Prayer for Restoration: Lamentations 5:1-22

The Disrespect of Elders: Lamentations 5:12b

The SINS of the fathers (dads, grandparents, great-grands, including mothers, grandmothers, great-grands, etc.)  FALL onto the lives of their children. This is well known as “generational” sins in the Holy Word of God. Lamentations 5:7; Obadiah 1:15.”NKJV”

There are many scriptures in the Holy Bible that explains the meaning and consequences of generational sins. Ask your Pastor, or another minister of the Word of God about generational sins, if you are unfamiliar with this true knowledge. My favorite go to source is always John 14:14.”NKJV”


We must ALL (Christian believers included) ask for FORGIVENESS of sins, known or unknown (Psalm 19:12).”NKJV”

Next, we must PREPARE ourselves for the Great and Terrible day of the LORD, by praying for God’s SUPERNATURAL protection from His fierce and angry WRATH!!! (Psalm 91).”NKJV”

There will be NO HIDING PLACE from the Wrath of Almighty God, in the earth or above the earth. Only God Almighty can protect us from every destruction!!!


Zechariah 14:1 | Behold the day of the LORD is coming, and your spoil will be divided in your midst.

The LORD will go forth and fight against those nations as He fights in the day of battle. (v.3)

And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives… and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two, from East to West… (v.4)

THE PLAGUE | Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, and their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths. (v.12)

To choose Almighty God, symbolized by the Tree of Life (Holy Spirit) in the Book of Genesis, is a choice of choosing EVERLASTING LIFE!!!

And, if the choice is Lucifer, Satan and devil, symbolized by what I refer to as that “other tree,” the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This choice as shown by biblical examples throughout the Holy Bible is always the worst choice. Why???

Answer: Lucifer, Satan and devil, hates the God Who created him. And Lucifer also hates [all the people] that God Almighty created to replace Lucifer, and human beings will inherit what Lucifer chose to forfeit by wanting to exalt himself higher than his own Creator, Almighty God – The Creator of ALL things both physical and spiritual.

Including those things that pagans choose to worship. Almighty God don’t FORCE any human being to worship Him. All human beings have FREE WILL to make their own choices.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth does not want to see any people go to Hell and PERISH!!!

HELL FIRE was created and PREPARED for Lucifer, Satan and devil, and all of his fallen angels who followed him in REBELLION AGAINST Almighty God [Isaiah 14:12-15; Matthew 25:41].”NKJV”


|| …and books were opened. Revelation 20:12

Has anyone ever considered the thought: “Which book will my name appear in?” The Book of Life, or “another book”??? Revelation 20:15

ISAIAH 2:12 || …everything proud and lofty, lifted up, and it shall be brought low –

Lucifer, Satan and devil, also wanted to lift himself above the throne of his Creator, Almighty God. Therefore, Lucifer will be brought low, along with the people who are choosing to worship him, and follow after his ways of evil activities [Isaiah 14:12-21] “NKJV”

Zechariah 14:13a | It shall come to pass in that day that a great PANIC from the LORD will be among them.

Have your name been written in the Book of Life, or that “other book”???

All we need to do is ASK!!! John 14:13, 14; 16:23


A VISION OF REVELATION || Lucifer, Satan and devil, will be weeping over the loss of his world, the Earth! Lucifer, will not be weeping over the many LOST SOULS that he deceived, while they were still living on the earth, before the FINAL DESTRUCTION of the physical world. [Isaiah 14:15] “NKJV”

A VISION OF REVELATION || Next, all the different nations of people SUDDENLY started running away, in a great PANIC, after seeing this frightening sight revealed in the heavens.

A VISION OF REVELATION || Now, as I was still standing in AMAZEMENT at all of the DESTRUCTION that was surrounding me, an angel of the LORD suddenly APPEARED before me. The angel began to raise the long slender trumpet that he was holding in his hand. As the angel of the LORD began to BLOW THE TRUMPET, a gigantic sea wave of water started rising, and came RUSHING towards the land. The sea wave was so high that I was no longer able to see the sky anymore. [Revelation 10:5,7]

|| The LORD said,


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